Shipping and delivery

Where do you ship to?

We ship your recable not only to Germany, but worldwide. With Deutsche Post and DHL gogreen, your delivery will arrive CO2 neutral.

Can I track my shipment?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to track the shipment as a rule, as we send the smaller orders in particular by Deutsche Post in a CO2-saving manner as a large letter.

What does shipping cost?

The shipping costs within Germany are 3,90€. From a purchase value of 50€ you order free of shipping costs!
Delivery to any other country in the world (yes, we ship worldwide) costs 7,90€.

What are the shipping costs?

With the help of the shipping costs you pay, we can pay our employees in the warehouse, the plastic-free packaging and, of course, the costs incurred by the post office or DHL.

When can I hold my recable in my hands?

We can usually deliver the standard lengths up to 1 m within 1-3 days. All other lengths will be with you in 7-14 days. Shipments abroad take 7-20 days.

For the exact information, please check the delivery time tab of the respective product.

How will my recable be packed?

recable is held together without plastic by a material-saving band made of grass paper, on which you will also find all the important information about the product. This ensures that recable produces as little packaging waste as possible. The band is printed with eco inks, climate neutral with green electricity.

For shipping, your recable is packed in a cardboard box that is as flat and space-saving as possible. We also reuse shipping boxes, which saves resources.

Wrong cable ordered - What now?

You made a mistake with your smartphone connection and the USB cable you ordered does not fit into the device? No problem. We will gladly exchange recable within 14 days.

Cables that you have put together yourself in the configurator are excluded from this. In this case, we can exchange the connectors for a fee.


What is fair about recable?


recable is assembled by us in Merseburg - made in Germany. How and when we work, we decide ourselves.

We source almost all individual parts from within a radius of 500 km. The parts from Europe are accordingly produced fairly.

In addition, we can be sure that these companies comply with European environmental regulations. In addition, short delivery routes save CO2 and reduce the burden on the climate.

Only the plugs come from China. But they are produced fairly there! Our manufacturer guarantees health insurance, English courses, compliance with a working time of 40 hours per week, holidays and fair wages for its employees.

Why does recable cost more than conventional cables?

Recable doesn't cost that much more than other brand manufacturers!

On the other hand, small quantities and production in Germany have their price. We don't process masses and therefore we can only get a small quantity discount.

What does conflict-free raw materials mean?

In some countries, the extraction of certain raw materials has helped to finance violent conflicts. For example, the illegal mining of conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo is an important source of money for armed rebel groups. Copper is also mined there, and copper is in almost every cable. That is why we use 40-50% recycled copper in our recables.

For us, it is important not to use raw materials that are used to finance conflicts or that have been mined using child labour.

When selecting our suppliers, we therefore pay attention to whether they comply with international regulations such as those of the Dodd Frank Act of the USA or the EU regulation on conflict minerals comply with. The regulations require certificates of origin for tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold. recable's copper strands, for example, are tin-plated.

The Dodd Frank Act requires US listed companies and their suppliers to provide proof of origin for conflict minerals. The companies must prove that these raw materials do not come from conflict regions in and around the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example. Our suppliers also have customers in the USA. Therefore, they comply with the Dodd Frank Actin all their production.

Recycling & Sustainability

Can I repair recable?

Yes, recable can be repaired. Here you can find the Repair instructions. Less waste is good for the planet. If you don't want to repair your recable yourself, talk to us!

What makes recable repairable?

recable is repairable because the plugs are not glued. If you have a cable break, e.g. directly behind the plug, you can remove the plug from the cable with a simple tool. Then reattach the plug to the cable.

You can find the repair instructions here. If something breaks, there are here spare parts.

Do you also repair other cables?

Yes, this is also possible. We ask you to send an individual request to  to be shipped, as we have to set repair costs according to expenditure.

Where to put the worn out recable?

The best thing is to send the recable back to us. Then we can repair the cable, because that is the best and most resource-saving recycling.

If a cable is no longer salvageable, we separate it into its individual parts and can, if necessary, return the individual parts to the manufacturer or dispose of them properly. We know the individual materials of recable, the "pre-sorting" makes recycling much easier. Therefore, it is better if we can get recable back and disassemble it.

As a general rule, old cables belong in the electrical waste bin, i.e. at the recycling centre.

Why aren't all cable sleeves made from recycled PET?

Since we started with recable, we have been concerned with the circular economy and try to implement this for USB cables. All our braided sleeves are made from recyclable plastic or natural fibres. The King penguin has a sleeve that is now even made from recycled plastic.

For a small company, it is difficult to get customised products from suppliers. We can't buy kilometres or tonnes because we couldn't sell that and it wouldn't be in line with our philosophy of remaining flexible. Most of the time, only large quantities are profitable for the suppliers.

We do what we can to make recable better and better. That's why we always talk to our manufacturers and sometimes it works out with small quantities.

Why don't you offer a cable made of bioplastics?

We have chosen a complicated field with cables. The materials cannot simply be exchanged. They must have the same electrical properties as the conventional materials. Basic research has to be done here, which could expand our "small project" into a research project. If you know investors who will invest six figures in research, we would be happy to hear from them ;) We have the cable manufacturer, the plastics developer and are ourselves the distributor - all that's missing is the money.

It is somewhat easier to start with the circular economy and recycle the current materials. Here we have been working with our cable manufacturer for over a year and would like to present innovations as soon as possible!

What is recable's carbon footprint?

Based on the standard length of 1m, recable (96.5g) has a 45% lower Co2 footprint than a comparable conventional USB cable (179.5g).

The comparison of the two Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) was calculated for us by Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG has calculated for us.

Do you offset recable's carbon footprint?

Yes, we offset recable's Co2 footprint (96.5 g). Based on our annual production volume, we have bought climate certificates from The Climate Company. The money is invested in a hydroelectric power plant in Guatemala for emission-free electricity generation. By using renewable energies, the country also achieves independence from raw material imports.


Why are the recable variants named after birds?

Some animals are much more worldly than we humans. We may feel that globalisation is ubiquitous. For goods and commodities that may be true, but for that most people are pretty sedentary.

In this respect, many people are rather afraid of globalisation and the unknown. Among birds, however, there are true cosmopolitans. Migratory birds, for example, cover several thousand or even 10,000 kilometres between their winter and summer quarters every year.

But birds are not only a symbol of sophistication for us. They give recable its colourful design - you won't get tired of the variety of colours in the bird world. So these colour combinations are perfect for a long-lasting product like recable.

We like the idea of having recable editions that are found in nature. People feel comfortable in nature. A Forest walk walk, for example, reduces stress hormones and puts us in a good mood. This positive experience of nature is often lost to us in everyday life. The birds are our connection back to nature, they are our forest. Everyone can be artificial, but being natural is special.

Can I create my own recable (colour, length, etc.) or personalise the USB cable?

Yes, you can design your own recable! In our Fantasy bird configurator you can configure your own USB cable colour combination and put it together according to your wishes.

We see that our customers value personalised USB cables more, treat recable with more care and the USB cables last longer. Because people find their personalised smartphone accessories so beautiful, they are also more likely to repair their charging cable. DIY and "do it yourself" are not coincidentally very strong trends. So our USB cable configurator makes recable even more sustainable and you get a super stylish product that matches your colour scheme.

If you want to configure more than 50 cables for your own shop, you can also have recable branded with your logo. You can find more information on our B2B page.

What does your logo mean?

The two drops circling each other symbolise Yin & Yang. The two terms from Chinese philosophy stand for opposing and yet interrelated forces. They do not fight each other, but complement each other.

When we found the fair plug manufacturer in China, we came up with the idea that we wanted to unite these two forces, East and West, Europe and China, in our logo.

To keep delivery distances short, we want to source USB plugs from European production. But USB plugs are now only produced in Asia - like almost all consumer electronics. Globalisation cannot be stopped, we humans must pay more attention than ever to living in harmony with each other. This is what our recable logo symbolises.

The "re" in the logo is handwritten. We like to make things ourselves. We started with handwork, that's our root. Every recable is unique.

The two colours in the logo are based on the Spiral Dynamics model. It describes the development of people, organisations and societies by means of competences & values based on colours. The colours orange and turquoise stand for the two different stages of development.

Why do you have an Italian domain?

recable is a made-up word meaning "rewired" or "repair cable".

For us, "it" stands for the English word "it".

So in our URL you can read the request: "Recable it!" Which means "Recable it!".


Which USB standard is installed in recable?

recable assumes USB 2.0 and makes 480 Mbit/s data transfer.

Auch unsere USB C Kabel haben den USB 2.0 Standard.

Why does recable only offer USB 2.0?

USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB 3.2 or even USB 4.0 would make our recable unnecessarily complex. We have found that 99% of our customers are interested in charging their smartphones - but only very rarely in data transfer.

Mit unseren USB-Kabel ist eine Energieübertragung mit bis zu 100 Watt möglich. Das reicht für die meisten Tablets oder sogar kleinen Laptops, wie das MacBook Pro 13" oder ThinkPad X1.


How fast can I charge with recable?

Power source USB A:

With Quick Charge, you can quickly charge your phone with up to 3A. The recable with USB A plug reaches the highest power at 9 volts and 2 amps, i.e. 18 watts. The Lightning adapter (iPhone) is limited to 2 A.

Here is a diagram showing how fast recable with USB A plug can charge a smartphone.



Power source USB C:

You can charge via Power Delivery with up to 60 watts (20 volts / 3 amps) via recable! This allows you to quickly charge smartphones, most tablets and even smaller laptops. The Lightning adapter (iPhone) is limited to 2 A.

This graphic shows how fast you can charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop with the recable USB cable with USB C .

Why does the iPhone cable have an adapter?

It is important to us that recable is repairable.
The problem with the Lighnting plug: The licensor with the apple stipulates that the plug's housing be filled with synthetic resin. This makes the plug irreparable, which goes against our philosophy of sustainable design. Because 90% of USB cables break due to cable breakage directly behind the plug. The rest of the cable is still fine, yet it is thrown away.
So in order to meet the specifications regarding the Lightning (iPhone) connector, we have to use this "trick" with the adapter so that we can offer recable as an MFI (Made for iPhone) certified cable.
The solution: We compromise with an adapter. Here, the housing is moulded according to the specifications, but the cable remains repairable because the adapter can be unplugged.
The advantages: recable is MFI certified and still repairable .2 in 1, the recable has a Lightning (iPhone) connector and a micro USB connector!

What materials do you use in your recable USB cable?

This is a good and important question, here is the data sheet!

Why "handmade", is it really good and safe?

Yes, recable is even safer than other USB cables. We build every recable very carefully by hand and check it for function before it leaves our shop.

Is there a warranty when buying recable cables?

The legal warranty applies to the purchase of a recable, i.e. 2 years. However, the burden of proof reverses after 6 months. This means that you would have to prove that you did not break your recable yourself, but that the defect existed since manufacture. However, we will be happy to take care of your (defective) cable beyond these six months and we will find a solution together.

What other cables will you offer?

We are concentrating on USB cables. HDMI or Cat cables are not on the agenda for now.

Can I change the plugs on a recable?

Yes, you can even use our Spare parts even change the plugs on other USB cables! You can exchange all plugs with each other, except for the cable and the plugs in the variant USB C to USB C.

The prerequisite is always that USB 2.0 is used.

Why is recable stiffer than other USB cables?

For the sheath of the actual cable under the braided tube, we use recycled material. We deliberately chose a polyolefin blend because it can be recycled very well. Also, no plasticisers are needed in the plastic here.

However, the material is somewhat stronger than you may be used to from other cables.

But only in this way can material that falls off in the factory during production be directly reused for a new cable. Because all colours are mixed, our cable is grey/brown/green inside.

My recable charger folds out on its own or does not lock properly - What can I do?

During the production of the recable charger, it happens in rare cases that the screws holding the linchpin are not sufficiently tightened.

You can fix this problem yourself with a small Phillips screwdriver.
Please simply tighten the two housing screws a little.

Animal welfare

Is recable vegan?

Yes, as a matter of principle, no animal products are used in any of the individual parts from which we build recable. They are also not tested on animals.
Nevertheless, there is a big but and a small one:

  1. First the big but: It is that a supplier of our cable manufacturer processes stearates as additives, which can be obtained from vegetable or animalfats. The supplier's statement is that his suppliers produce the stearates in accordance with European directives/regulations.
  2. The smaller but is due to RoHS (EU Directive 2011/65/EU). According to this directive, certain toxic substances may no longer be used in electronics. These include, for example, heavy metals or certain plasticisers. Whether a substance is toxic or not is determined by tests. The substances that concern RoHS were also tested a long time ago - most likely on animals. Is there a statute of limitations on animal testing?

Why are the Lightning cables not vegan?

The adapters must be glued to the apple as prescribed by the licensor. Unfortunately, our manufacturer cannot provide precise information on whether the glue used is free of animal ingredients.

Synthetic adhesives also often have additives added that can be derived from plants, but also from animals. Therefore, we cannot simply assume that the Lightning adapters are vegan . But we will find out!