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Logo recable with claim Charge your life


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colored cables with different plugs, recable - made in germany, lying flat blue USB cable is held up in one hand green charging cable charges a smartphone pink charging cable is in a power adapter in the socket
orange USB cable in band is held in hand orange USB cable in banderole is held in hand, without background

Credits: recable

some recable lie unfinished on the table, shrink tubes of the fair charging cables are still missing eco-friendly packaging stands next to some recable charging cables, minimalist grass paper sleeve recable cable maker René prepares a sustainable charging cable for crimping in the manufactory with needle nose pliers Cable handmade and handheld: René only has to attach the heat shrink tubing to this USB charging cable with flax jacket
Hermann Hetzer, owner of recable, presents the sustainable charging cablesleevefrom with a grin. Heat gun shrinks hose by Micro-USB-charging-cable-plug, recable-manufacture with fair handicraft Heat gun shrinks hose around USB-A connector, recable manufacture with fair handwork, feathering: Kingfisher Finishing with brand printing, recable cable receives the brand logo with the branding stamp guided in the drill rig.
the finished USB charging cable handmade in germany, recable cable builder René holds the imprint in the camera Ready to send, coloured recable cables in eco-friendly grass paper banderole lie on the workshop table Portrait photo of Hermann Hetzer in the office kitchen of, the smiling owner of



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recable in front of the camera
recable at MDR Einfach genial article on the actually good recapability of the cables, practical test on Youtube

MDR "Simply ingenious" from 21.09.2021

recable in the press
IMG about sustainable charging cables from recable at the Green Product Award, online entry excerpt
IMG Investment and Marketing Company Saxony-Anhalt Ltd.
"The nominated entry "recable" shows how a mix of sustainability, design and innovation can balance a good lifestyle with a more sustainable future."
Utopia on sustainable charging cables from recable, online article excerpt
"Exemplary is the small company Recable, which is the first company to produce sustainable USB charging cables."
BESTFORM AWARD 2021 - Online entry for recable
Creative Industries Saxony-Anhalt
"With recable, the global value chain is rethought. The ability to repair products is becoming increasingly important and starts with the smallest things."
Press article Mitteldeutsche Zeitung about recable, newspaper clipping with photo of colourful cable coats and the two makers
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
"The best thing: You can customise the length, plugs and colours [...] when you place your order, making it distinctive."
Press article Mitteldeutsche Zeitung about recable, newspaper clipping with photo of the team
Central German Newspaper
"Sustainable and made in Merseburg - Merseburg company wins second place in creative competition with green product".
Press article Mitteldeutsche Wirtschaft on recable, AUsschnitt with cable builder René at work
Central German Economy
"With its development, the StartUp wants to establish new sustainable standards for technical products that are neither harmful to health nor to the environment. An excellent idea."
Press article about recable, excerpt with banner and team photo of the cable makers
"The company "" has proven that it is also possible to be sustainable and environmentally conscious and has developed cables that are long-lasting, can be repaired and recycled."
Press article Hardware-Helden about recable, excerpt with website and photo of 2 recable charging cables
"Even vegans who not only eat vegan but also live vegan can use these cables. I really like the idea behind it!"
Press article about recable, excerpt with website teaser and photo of colourful recable transmitting data
"However, the market for sustainable hardware is still very manageable. One of the few companies in the industry is Recable."
Press article justinekeptcalmandwentvegan recable, excerpt from blog with laughing woman
"Sounds really good and hopefully will be sold more and more in the future as a fair alternative to all the China cables. Definitely recommend to others! Something like this needs to be supported."
Lifeverde press article recable, with excerpt of the website including large recable logo
"Fair and environmentally friendly alternatives for technology are rare to find. So there's one you should definitely get to know: recable, a sustainable USB cable." press article recable, excerpt Vireo blog with colourful announcement of the recable charging cables
"Sustainable charging with our new recyclable USB charging cables".