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We save wild birds - with your help! With your purchase you fight together with us for the preservation of the biodiversity of wild birds.

For every product sold, we donate one day's ration of food for a small bird to our cooperation partner Wildvogelhilfe Saalekreis e. V.

weak young bird in one hand, Wildvogelhilfe Saalekreis e. V.

Who is Wildvogelhilfe Saalekreis?

The Wildvogelhilfe Saalekreis e. V. offers protection to wild birds in need. Whether it is an injured blackbird, a crow that has been hit by a car or a young bird that has fallen out of its nest - ornithologist Thomas Schön and his team nurse birds that have been found in need of help to make them able to survive in the wild. With its foster home in Merseburg (Saxony-Anhalt), the association makes an important contribution to the preservation of biodiversity in the region. We support this great work in the long term as a cooperation partner.

Hungry young birds in the nest with open beaks, wanting food, lettering every purchase fills a bird's stomach

Thanks to your help, the supply of species-appropriate food can be ensured during rearing. That is great! Because the volunteers of the non-profit association are absolutely dependent on support. Unfortunately, only as many animals can be taken in as there are funds for food.

wild finches on branch eating grains, writing with food donations saving lives

So with your purchase you are feeding a bird and at the same time ensuring nothing less than its chance of survival. Thank you very much for that!

More info about the club:

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