Repair instructions

Repair instead of throwing away!

Your recable has a cable break? No problem! Because recable is a repairable USB cable. With a few steps (and simple tools) you can easily repair it yourself. How? We would like to explain it to you in a step-by-step guide. Just click on your connection and off you go!

Lightning connector orange on recable - How do I repair a recable Lightning cable? Instruction


USB Type C plug orange at recable - How do I repair a recable USB-C cable? Instruction


Micro USB Plug orange at recable - How do I repair a recable Micro-USB cable? Instruction


Standard USB plug orange at recable - How do I repair a USB-A charging cable? Instruction


That is why the repair is worthwhile

Your charging cable is full of valuable raw materials. We rely on sustainable materials and select them carefully. Nevertheless, the extraction of these resources pollutes the environment.

The longer you use your cable, the better for the planet. That's why we've designed recable to be repairable for you. If a cable breaks, you don't have to throw it away, but you can give it a longer life by repairing it. This saves resources - and your wallet!

Pliers with broken cable, link in MDR media library: recable repair test on MDR Einfach genial

recable in the repair test on MDR "Einfach genial" (Simply ingenious)