About us

The recable team: developer Konrad, graphic designer Julia, hobbyists Rene & Mahfoud, founder Hermann, service worker Maria, logistician Tobias & dog Mischu

We believe that there is great power in small decisions. Together, we want to finally bring sustainability and fair working conditions to the forefront of technology as well.

Food, clothing, toilet paper - we pay more attention than ever before to ensure that the products we consume every day are produced as sustainably, fairly and organically as possible. But what about all the tech tools we have around us from morning to night? Sustainability and fair manufacturing processes are still not a standard for the electronics and tech industry. With sustainable smartphones, there  now is a good alternative. Suitable accessories remain in short supply.

Our idea: Really chic USB cables, fairly produced, with the highest ecological care.

Of course, we can't solve all problems with this. But we can start together with you. Our USB cables are made from fair, conflict-free & recycled raw materials and are handmade in Germany. Because they are repairable, recable is especially easy to disassemble, making it almost completely recyclable. Our colored charging cables contain no plasticizers or heavy metals, are vegan and also look damn good. Technology for a future worth living and sustainability that catches the eye. 

In all our decisions, we are guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. This catalog of goals is intended to ensure a responsible approach to the environment and people worldwide. With the reparability of recable, we are particularly concerned with point 12 (responsible consumption and production) of the SDGs. For us, repairing is better than recycling. We are particularly proud of this.

We are far from reaching our goal and are constantly looking for creative ideas to make our cables even more environmentally friendly. Your support strengthens us to become even better.

Even with your decision for a sustainable charging cable you can do a lot of good. Let's make the world a little bit fairer together!

sustainable USB charging cable