We are looking for people who share our vision to establish more sustainability, reusability and fairness in the technology market.

Our planet demands sustainable solutions. When asked how we responsibly design products in times of resource scarcity, a fundamental part of the answer is: reparability. We are sure of that.

Our USB cables, produced fairly in Germany, are made of sustainable materials - and they are repairable. recable is thus a pioneer in the technology industry.

With many more product ideas we are currently working on, we finally want to offer even more truly sustainable electronics. recable shall become THE brand for fair and sustainable technology. For this we need your support.

Invest with us in a more sustainable future!

Let's get to know each other and explore what a common path can look like. Just contact our owner Hermann by mail( or via LinkedIn.

Take a first look at the excerpt from our pitch deck. All details are available on request.