Sustainable charging cables win international awards

recable blue & white is held high Green Product Award Winner 2022

recable wins the Green Product Award!

The international Green Product Award annually honours products and services that are particularly sustainable, outstandingly designed and innovative. Since 2013, both established companies and start-ups have been honoured with the award for sustainable market change.

recable as a sustainable and fair USB cable with a repairable design fits perfectly into the concept - that was clear to us. We are pleased that recable was also able to convince the international jury.

Our charging cables wereawarded the Green Product Award 2022as a unique showcase for sustainably consumable electronics!

Top 10 at the Green Product Audience Award

recable was also able to win over the audience. The Green Product Audience Award is particularly important to us, because it is not a few selected people who decide here, but everyone who wants to participate. The fact that our repairable USB cables met with such a positive response makes us really proud. We are very happy about our 8th place!

Cable builder Rene holds flax-sheathed USB-A to MicroUSB recable in raw form without heat shrink tubing.

"USB cables are necessary technical devices that one can rarely do without in everyday or professional life. Moreover, their look plays a subordinate role due to their practicality. Recable, on the other hand, have been implemented in a really visually appealing way and are also excellently designed in terms of sustainability."

the jury of the Green Product Award

colourful recable charging cable variety with eco-friendly grass paper packaging

That is why recable is a "Green Product

recable is a sustainable USB cable whose design and choice of materials focus on the concept of circular economy. The USB charging cable, which is produced fairly in Germany, is made of particularly durable material and is therefore long-lasting. However, if it breaks, recable can be easily repaired with a little manual skill. At the end of its life, the repairable eco-charging cable can be almost completely recycled. Innovative design for a sustainable future and thus a truly green technology product.