BESTFORM Award 2nd place winners: the recable team and Minister of Economic Affairs SA Armin Willingmann sitting in front of the recable office.

Yay! Second place and a gigantic seed for sustainable charging cables!

In May 2021, Saxony-Anhalt's Minister of Economics Armin Willingmann visited us. With him: second place in the BESTFORM Award. This state-wide creative competition annually promotes inspiring ideas, courageous entrepreneurs and committed doers. recable was able to convince as a consistently sustainable USB cable. And now our team room is adorned with a very special trophy: a large turquoise seed. Of course we are happy as a (vegan) pig!

in the recable workshop the happy team stands with certificate and cup and minister of economics Willingmann

The Stepping Gang

The start-up "MOOSAIK" from Magdeburg won the competition with their idea for vertical gardening. Modular moss surfaces can be installed on panels. The moss absorbs carbon dioxide, converts it and also filters fine dust from the air. A natural alternative to air purification and a real eye-catcher.

We share second place with the "Büro für Sinn und Unsinn - Dumaz Janus Sonder GbR" from Halle. Their "game idea machine" prints out a piece of paper with a suitable game at the touch of a button. The machine uses more than 100 game instructions. The aim is to encourage curiosity, creativity and the joy of experimentation through play.

recable product designer Konrad, owner Hermann and Armin Willingmann in the workshop with recable charging cables

Why exactly was recable awarded?

We think it is high time to establish new sustainable standards for technical products. There is no question in our minds that people and the environment should be equally in focus. recable is therefore a sustainable USB cable that is manufactured under fair conditions in Germany. It is particularly durable and, as a repairable charging cable, can be repaired with a little manual skill and simple tools. The environmentally friendly USB cable can be recycled up to 90 % and consists partly of recycled materials. An all-round sustainable charging cable that also convinced the jurors.

Take a look at the official documentation of the BESTFORM AWARD 2021 on recable here.