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USB A - Micro USB + USB C

Gold­schnäpper USB A - Micro USB + USB C

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Icon environmentally friendly

sustainable materials
ecological, recyclable & vegan

Icon fast charging

Fast charging & high-speed data transfer
Fast charging (up to 3A), data transfer at 480 MBit/s

Icon fair

fair & respectful
fairly produced from conflict-free raw materials

Icon environmentally friendly

robust & repairable
withstands 30,000 kinks, repairable design

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handmade in high quality
high quality handmade in Germany

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The black, white and yellow USB cable in the colors of the yellow-rumped flycatcher combines understatement with that certain something in color. The black braided jacket made of solid-colored PET makes the Yellow-rumped flycatcher particularly robust (30,000 kinks).

  • without softener
  • without heavy metals
Illustration Yellow-rumped flycatcher, the bird has plumage in black, white and yellow

The yellow-rumped flycatcher aka the frequent flyer

This little bird gets around a lot. The yellow-rumped flycatcher breeds in eastern Russia and winters in Southeast Asia. It loves extensive mixed and deciduous forests.

Sustainable USB cable with environmentally friendly grass paper sleeve

sustainable & vegan*

recable is made of ecological materials. It is recyclable and vegan*. The CO₂ footprint of our cables is only about half as large as that of conventional cables.

Packed in an environmentally friendly grass paper banderole, we will send you recable to you climate neutral.

* Does not apply to Lightning products: Animal ingredients may be present in the adhesive of the adapter.

Durable USB cable withstands more than 15000 kinks

Durable & repairable

recable can withstand more than 15,000 kinks in both directions - more than 30,000 kinks in total. That is a very good value!

The USB cable is not molded or glued, so you can repair it yourself if the worst happens. The repair instructions are available here.

USB cable from fair production and free from harmful substances

fair & respectful

Our cable is handmade for you in Germany. It consists almost entirely of fair materials.

We solder only lead-free tin from conflict-free origin.

Certified according to Dodd-Frank, recable contains no conflict minerals.

Technical data

Sustainability90% recyclable
handmade in Germany
45% lower Co2 footprint (96.5 g) than a comparable, conventional USB cable at 1 m length
Durability: 30,000 kinks, 10,000 mating operations
recycled and recyclable materials
DimensionsLänge: 1 m
Gewicht: 57 g
ColourGelb, Grau, Schwarz,
USB 2.0Energy transmission at 1 m cable length (measured): undef.
detailed information below in the graphic
Data transmission: 480 MBit/s
PlugInput: undef.
Output: undef.
Plug coverundef.
fair from Germany
dyed through
abrasion-resistant logo embossing
ISO 14001
CableCable with 4 strands
fair from Germany
sheath made of recycled material
40-50 % recycled content in copper
halogen-free (no PVC)
no plasticisers
no heavy metals
bending radius: 3 cm
ISO 14001
Braided hosePET
fair from Germany
dyed through
AwardsGreen Product Award "Consumer Goods" 2022
Second place Bestform Award 2021

Charging power

The longer a USB cable is, the more it acts like a resistor for the current. With long USB cables, you can't transfer as much power and it takes longer to charge your smartphone.

It is best to choose a charging cable that is no longer than you need. than you need.

certified good

CE marking
Dodd Frank
Green point


The cable fits these devices:

Not the right cable?

If you are still unsure whether this is the right cable for your smartphone, our connector overview will help you. All options are clearly listed there.

Delivery time

Fairness and sustainability take time. Only when you order your recable, does it come into being. With on-demand production, we prevent overproduction and thus, together with you the fight against electronic waste. But this also means: Please be patient. We will send your recable on its way as quickly as possible.

In concrete terms, this means the following delivery times

Deutschland: 5-7 Werktage
International: 7-14 Werktage

14 days return policy

Environmentally friendly

recable comes to you climate neutral in a sustainable packaging.

Your purchase feeds a wild bird

For every cable sold, we donate a food ration for wild birds.